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What is Santa Fe Home Tech?

Santa Fe Home Tech is a local Santa Fe, NM Electronics sales and installation company specializing in current technology. We offer the following services:


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In today’s fast paced lifestyles that most of us lead, technology can either burden us or vastly improve the way we live our lives. The difference comes down to knowing what trends are coming, what company’s are doing what, where to spend your money and where not to. However, who has the time to keep up with such information? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone you trust who could figure all of this out for you instead?


Santa Fe Home Tech is here for that exact purpose, to help YOU! We offer ease of use and peace of mind with every product, installation or training session we provide.


Give us a call for a free consultation and see how we can help.

(505) 629-9006

TV Installation & Services

• TV Sales & Consultation

• TV Setup & Mounting

• Image Calibration

• Home Theater Setup & Calibration

• All-in-One Remote Control Solutions

• Streaming Movies & TV

• TV Wiring Services

Sound Services

• Speaker, Soundbar & Receiver Sales

• Wireless Speaker Options

• Music Streaming Services

• Whole Home Audio Solutions

• Home Theater Audio Calibration

• Speaker Wiring Services

Network & WiFi Services

• Home Network Setup

• Router & Modem Sales

• Wifi Boosting & Range Solutions

• Advanced Network Setup

• Port Forwarding Services,

  Remote Access

• Long Range Wireless Networks

Surveillance Services

• Surveillance Camera Sales & Installation

• Single Camera & Multi Camera Systems

• Free Remote Access from Mobile Devices

• Large Scale Wireless Surveillance

• Commercial & Residential

Support & Help Services

• Phone Support for ALL

  Existing customers

• Electronics Coaching

• Mobile/ Tablet/ Computer Help

• Low Voltage Plan Design

  For Electricians and Contractors

• POS Wire Installation for

  Restaraunts & Business

• Troubleshoot Existing:

  TV, Internet, Phone Issues

• General Electronics Support

• and so much more!